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Simple Website with Weebly
If you just want an information site to talk about your business or organisation, a Weebly site will give you a modern 'responsive' layout (works on Desktop, Tablet and Phone), a professional look, and an easy-to-use interface. It's all managed from a web page on your own computer, or I can log in and help if required.

Many people ask about a website they can manage themselves. I set their site up on this program because it's really easy to use and it won't take long to teach you how to manage it yourself if you choose to.

The Weebly sites on this page were originally set up by me and range from one, to many pages. Several are now managed by the client only, for others I do the updates. Some are using the free hosting (contains ads), and others pay extra to be ad-free and include features like the video background on Roseleigh Cottage.
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These Weebly sites are robust and responsive - changing shape to suit the device you are viewing it on.

Note: Weebly has recently added e-commerce module through another company (Square). However I find Shopify or Etsy a better option if it's e-commerce you want.
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Your own Weebly Website Setup: $395

I will set up your Website to the point where it can be launched online.

• Set up the site theme and add descriptions and keywords
• Produce the necessary Branding graphics (or adjust yours to suit) for the logo, backgrounds and banners. Matching banners and icons for Facebook or Instagram if required.
• Help with registering and forwarding your Domain Name
• Help with setting up your hosting if you choose a paid account (recommended)
• Layout out your initial site of up to 8 pages (more can be added if needed) from supplied copy and photos. Editing of copy and photos where necessary.
• Preparation of photos for any slideshows and photo galleries.
• Supply up to 3 professional Stock Photos as part of the design work (more can be added if needed)
• Training:

  • How to add Pages and set up the Navigation Menu
  • How to add and change text and photos; page layouts and modules.
  • How to use different apps within the program to add special features, maps, movies, calendars etc.

Additional help / maintenance is available after setup at $60 per hour