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Etsy Shop
Etsy is a site that specialises in hand-made, self-produced, art and craft, vintage or collectables. It's also suitable for digital downloads. You can manage all of the stock, orders and payments via a web-page. Run your online shop yourself from your own computer, or I can log in and help if required.

Having your own page on a big shopping hub like Etsy helps to bring existing customers, as well as those you direct to your Etsy Shop page yourself. Your page will have an address (URL) you can use or you can point your own Domain Name to the page for a more professional look.

Here are three examples of Etsy Shops I've setup. Ordering is easy for your customers and Etsy will process your payments and deposit the money in your bank or PayPal account.

The site is managed via a web page (and/or app) where you can manage your stock, upload photos and descriptions, see your orders.

An Etsy Shop is a cost-effective way to have an online selling presence for small to medium quantities of suitable products. Look on to see what others are selling.
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Trudie Ann Moore - Trudie produces Meditation CDs. In the Etsy Shop we are able to offer both the physical CD and the downloadable MP3 version at a cheaper price. We have incorporated this page into Trudie's existing website for her clients to shop. BROWSE
Stacks Image 296470 - Our handmade Garden Gnomes are the perfect product for an Etsy Shop. Even though they have their own website, the Etsy shop doubles the sales and brings them to extra clients. BROWSE

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Judi Hodges Publishing - Judi is a new author who has a self-published book - the first of a future series. We have offered it as a printed book and a cheaper PDF download version. BROWSE

Your own Etsy Shop Setup: $395

I will set up your Store to the point where it can be launched online, fully functioning and able to take and process orders.

• Set up all the account details for Payments and Banking
• Set up Shipping Charges
• Produce the necessary Branding graphics (or adjust yours to suit) for the logo/ thumbnail and banner. Matching banners and icons for Facebook or Instagram if required.
• Help with registering and forwarding your Domain Name (or you can just use your Etsy URL)
• Set up your initial product listings (up to 10) to start your store.
• Training:

  • Advice on product photos and descriptions
  • How to add and update products and variations, track inventory and orders
  • Adding Tags and Keywords
  • Customer conversations
  • Adding your shop Story and Social Media links
  • Advice on promoting and advertising your Etsy Shop
  • Etsy Apps

Additional help / maintenance is available after setup at $60 per hour