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Online Store
If you have multiple products to sell and you're looking for a purpose-built online store, Shopify is the program to use.
You can manage all of your stock, orders and payments via a web-page. Run your online shop yourself from your own computer, or I can log in and help if required.

Here are three examples of Online Stores I've made using Shopify. The program works seamlessly from Desktop to Tablet to Phone.

Ordering is easy for your customers. Shopify will process your payments and deposit the money in your bank or PayPal account.

The site is managed via a web page (and/or app) where you can manage your stock, upload photos and descriptions, see your orders and communicate with customers.

Stacks Image 296492 - This is an update-in-progress for an existing website. I'm currently changing this site from an older cart to Shopify. It's online and functioning but I haven't added all the products yet from the old site. BROWSE
Stacks Image 296470 - This Shopify site uses 'Dropshipping'. That is, the products are not kept in stock, but shipped directly from the manufacturer once the order is processed. BROWSE
Stacks Image 296496 - A Shopify site for a local nursery. We've set up the shopping cart with an option to cancel the shipping charge for local pickup. BROWSE

Your own Shopify Store Setup: $795

I will set up your Store to the point where it can be launched online, fully functioning and able to take and process orders.

• Set up all the account details for Payments and Banking
• Set up Shipping Charges and Sales Channels
• Set up the website theme to suit your business.
• Produce the necessary Branding graphics (or adjust yours to suit) for the logos, banners & icons. Matching banners and icons for Facebook or Instagram if required.
• Help with registering and/or re-delegating your Domain Name
• Set up your initial product listings (up to 20) to start your store.
• Training:
  • Advice on product photos and descriptions
  • How to add and update products and variations, track inventory and orders
  • How to add customer discounts and promotional codes
  • Setting up Menus and Navigation
  • Understanding Collections, Tags and Keywords
  • Advice on promoting and advertising your store
  • How to have your products linked to your Facebook or Instagram page

Optional Extra: Dropshipping Store, extra setup and training: $200

Additional help / maintenance is available after setup at $60 per hour